Kunsthalle Mannheim

Aug 31, 2018
Kunsthalle Mannheim

Museum for modern and contemporary art with a focus on sculpture and plastic. The building was completely renewed except for an old historical part. The architecture of the new modern building is very interesting and appealing to me, so I visited the museum recently.

The new space features seven exhibition halls, a 22m-high glass-roofed atrium and a very interesting façade. It is constructed of concrete, glass and steel, enveloped in a bronze mesh. The inside is very clinical with a lot of huge windows and modern minimalist interior.

It always comes down to personal interests, but I highly recommend the museum - even if you are not interested in all the exhibitions, the architecture is worth a visit.

These photographs were taken during my recent visit of the Kunsthalle Mannheim.

All captured with a 21mm lens.