La corse 2020

Jun 03, 2021
La corse 2020

I've been many times to Corsica during my childhood and collected plenty of lovely memories connected to the island. In 2011 it was time to finally introduce the island to Marion. Nine years later in 2020 late summer, perfectly timed to recharge the batteries after the first wave of the pandemic, we returned and it was for sure not our last visit - it's a never ending love!

Vacance prestige et en flique

Corsica, the isle of beauty, the land of contrasts, the veritable mountain in the sea.

La maison

We found a beautiful calm and remote maison, le Presbytere du Nebbiu, which was a fantastic choice and of course a different level of comfort in comparison to camping back then in 2011. Not only was the terrace unique and the pool was tremendous but the view towards the inner island has drawn pure nature in terms of stunning landscapes and was just about perfect to really feel relaxed.

The romantic views in the evening with some glass of wine were fantastic.


The greater city next to our maison in Santo Pietro di Tenda is Saint-Florent, a small and old fishing village. It acted as our key point for daily shopping and distributing postcards. Sadly due to the pandemic, we haven't really tried out many restaurants.

Sometimes a view towards sky can be attractive.

Une randonnée

In 2011 we visited Corte by the train which was quite an adventure. A limitation comes naturally with the train on Corse: at some point of time you have to be ready for departure to get back to the camping place. This time we went there by car and could enjoy Corte from above by having some nice hike to the top and around.

Plage de l‘Ostriconi

One day we were looking for a remote beach in order to hide from other people and be completely alone. Luckily we decided to drive for about two hours which can be very exhausting on Corse due to small and partly broken streets and found the most beautiful beach on the island: Plage de l'Ostriconi. If you are looking very carefully on the map you will find that in the North of Plage de l'Ostriconi another small beach is located in an even more remote place hidden by huge rocks.

A small group of riders, I guess some sort of touristic attraction, also found that small piece of heaven and gave us a visit. I'll just let the photographs speak for themself.

I'll just leave it like that, hopefully I could persist at least some bits of the beauty of Corse at that time. Things are moving fast, climate change is real. Will be interesting to re-visit some of these locations again in a few years. Our next Corse adventure will by with our Kompanja - that's for sure!