A little about me


Ben John, Putzerhof 2017.

I started photograping /

\ in 2013 but I would define my early action as senseless snapshotting. Taking less photographs, focusing more on composition and aesthetic began around early 2017. Hence, I am still new to this.

During my early steps /

\ I neglected theory of colours, change of perspectives, lines regarding composition and I spent very little time with an object before taking a photograph.

While getting inspired /

\ by other photographers, I am trying not to copy ideas and styles but using what I see and feel from other photographs as a supportive element to form my own view of the world.

My main interest /

\ in photography besides landscape is the interaction between multiple persons and how they merge with their environment.

I am seeing myself /

\ not as an artist or as some professional photographer. But as recurring requests from family and friends came in, it was about time to create this little portfolio. Therefrom the only purpose of this site is to share some photographs which I took over the course of time.